Colors: Glassline Chalks

For the glass artist who likes the look of pastels, these Glassline chalks are specially made for fusing. An extensive palette of 26 colors is available. Apply them liberally to rough glass, such as that made with our 36-Grit Silicon Carbide Matte-Making kit. Or, to prepare an even rougher surface to "soak up" these chalks: Sift, then tack-fuse glass powder onto a sheet of opal glass. These chalks don't mix like pastels, but you can get a similar effect by layering them. To bring out the richness of their colors, full-fuse them to at least 1470-1500 degrees, and they'll meld into the surface of the glass permanently. You can also trap them between two layers of glass and full fuse them, but they can't be fused at lower temperatures (below 1400 degrees) without being "sandwiched" because texture-fuse temps are not hot enough to make them stick. You can also experiment with shaving or grinding the tips into dust (protect yourself with a safety filter mask) and watercolor-painting it on. Fused surfaces can then be painted over with your favorite glass paint to add outlines or details, and fused again. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination! (Remember that the underlying color of your glass will undoubtedly show through at points, so choose well). Glassline Chalks are lead-free and food-safe. ´╗┐NOTE: We are sad to announce that we are closing out our Glassline chalks. Please contact us before you order to make sure we have the colors you want in stock.